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Manufacturing tools and metal components.


Long-term sales of our products, and listening to the voice of customers allowed us to polish up the bolts in such a way as to meet expectations of our clients. The whole time we are open to new ideas and suggestions how to make our products better.


Valves and bolts production

Metal products occupy a significant part of our production. We specialize in the production of valves and bolts of building. There are two types of horizontal valves used to shut the door or gate with a padlock and vertical spring-loaded locking open or closed a door or gate.


Heads to fences and bolts for swing.


 Heads to fences and bolts for swings are another group of our products. They are executed with different wide of groove from 6 mm to 12 mm. At the beginning rods are cut to the appropriate lengths, and then are exposed to rolling screw (thread) and bending. The last step is galvanizing, which gives the product a nice, resistant to rust surface. Tensioners are used to tension wire fence and bolt for swings in the garden swings which are becoming increasingly fashionable.


Turned hinges.


 Turned hinges are made in diameters from 12 mm to 40 mm, and in two versions, standard- without a ball, and with the ball. They are made from well weldable steel S235. On request, we can make hinges with non-standard shape and different heights. Our offer is enlarged with hinged belt that are already with ready-made strips which we can quickly screwed to the door with screws or bolts.