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Wire benders / stirrup and Earth drills - P.P.H.U. METAL


Wire benders / stirrup:

We offer a wire bender / stirrup with different groove widths depending on how wide wire you want to bend. We distinguish different kinds of benders. There are small benders with width of groove 8 mm, medium benders that allow you to bend the rod with a diameter of 12 mm and the largest, which allowing freely bend ribbed bar, whose diameter does not exceed 16 mm. In addition, we have available reduction to the biggest bending. Whith the redduction the groove is thiner to a width of 9 mm. This allows for tight bending two diameters of the bar.


Earth drills:

Earth drills (Augers) are used to drill holes in the earth for fence posts, poles or the garden plants. Rotate the handle clockwise earth drill bites the earth. After making a few or several movements, we draw the entire tool up and pour the clay down. This procedure is repeated as long as desired depth is achieved.

Augers are made in diameters from 100 to 300 mm. We can perform in smaller or larger sizes. And various lengths.